Stop surviving. Start living.

Surviving in the 21st century is no longer about the traditional survival skills of making fire or filtering water. It's about maintaining yourself in a fast changing world, where being happy and staying healthy asks different 'survival skills'. In my coaching program I help people going back to their true nature, help develop skills to 'survive' and learn them how to become more happy and independent individuals in the present and the future. 

Who are we? What is our purpose? In what do we excel? Finding the answer to this is key to our journey.

We no longer need sticks and rocks to survive, but what DO we need in the 21st century? During coaching we’ll find out what your needs are and I can help you learn how to use these tools.

Now that we know who we are and obtained tools and skills it’s time to start using these in our lives. With proper guidance you can learn to develop further, on your own. So you’re not only set in the present, but also in the future.

Down to earth, yet inspiring and life changing.
Top executive at a Pharmaceutical company, she is also a mother and had coaching in 2020.

Our coaching program consists of a combination of science backed methods, life experience and a personal, empathic approach. We aim to give our participants insight in the why, the how and the what. Not just some simple tricks, but a deeper understanding of yourself, individual tailored approach and a life changing experience. 

Feel empowered. Become yourself.

Because we know we need to focus on you, your needs and your feelings, we'll start with a deepdive into getting answer to the question: Who are you? The next step is finding out what is actually blocking you, what you need to get where you want to be. As yourself. We have a useful, mindful but fresh approach to connect the dots. And we're giving you the tools you'll need to keep improving and on track of your happiness.

Start, today.

Amazing how well I was understood and supported in my life. To grow happier. Would definitely recommend!
A senior project manager in IT that received coaching in 2020 (M)

About us

We're all unique human beings with our own challenges, desires, development and goals. The approach we choose is based on decades of life experience, studying the human mind and the use of tools like the Myers Briggs Type Indicator®.

Coming from both the psychological background and having work and life experience in a management position our coaching will have great impact in your life and development. We see ourselves as your mentor in both business and personal life and can dive into the why, but also help you with the how and what. Intake will be done with Nigel, who has master's degree level education and is a Certified MBTI ® practitioner.