Manifestation discussed by an INFP and INTJ

You’ve probably heard about the concept of ‘manifestation’ in some form. This video is the result of my need to manifest something new in my life and develop myself further. Usually the only reason why development stalls is our perception about what we can or cannot achieve. For me it means is not letting ideas fade away, but just say yes to yourself. The following video was the result of asking a question to someone I met online and was discussing personal development with. She has the INTJ preference in the MBTI, so that is why it in the title – if it says nothing yet, not worries, it’s not important for the idea of the video.

Manifesting manifestation

So why did I came up with the topic of manifestation – and many others? Well we didn’t have a script, no theme, just two people interested in the world around them and open for a discussion. With a 9h time difference – from two different countries – and speaking the universal English language together.

So now what – you’ve did this

Seems not like such a big deal maybe, but for me it was. Another thing I’m not great at is being consistent in these things. So now I need to push through and make sure I keep doing what I love and hope to do it with people that share the same interests in personal development. Cya!

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